Podcasts with Park Rangers – Website & Social Media

I would with Podcasts with Park Rangers to place a heavy emphasis on gaining listeners from the beginning.

Over the first 3 months, the show began with no following and grew to 1,000 downloads per month. Most podcasts take nearly a year to reach these numbers so quickly!

The following 4 months saw the podcast grow to over 3,500 downloads a month, putting them in the top 10% of all podcasts. All thanks to a hard hitting social media strategy, on page SEO, quality custom graphics, and an outstanding audio product.

Designed with Podcasting in Mind

I created an eye catching logo to draw the eye and capture attention in podcast feeds like iTunes and Spotify — encouraging soon to be fans to discover the show. 

Prominent call to action buttons encourage podcast subscriptions on all pages, and embedded audio players allow fans can listen directly on the Podcasts with Park Ranger’s website. 

Large orange buttons linking to Patreon are also featured throughout the site for the show to gain patrons and generate revenue.

Social Media Images for Podcasts with Park Rangers

Social Media

The podcasters wanted a social media strategy to promote every episode following its release.

Eye-catching custom graphics for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook allowed the podcast to gain followers through unique and creative content.

Showcasing the Audio

I crafted templates for audiograms — a major part of the social strategy for an audio medium — for posts on Instagram and Facebook to encourage people to listen to a small snippet of the show.

Each post contains a call to action in the teaser text to convert potential listeners to podcast fans as they move to explore the episode in its entirety on a podcast streaming platform.

Podcasts with Park Rangers episode screenshot

Search Engine Optimization

On each individual episode page, I embedded an audio player for listenership and added a way to subscribe on their most popular podcast platforms.

On page Search Engine Optimization allows this podcast to dominate the front page of Google when people search for “Park Ranger Podcast” — surpassing another much more mature Park Ranger podcast.  And lands it on the first page when people search “National Park Podcast” as of the beginning of 2019.

The podcast also ranks highly in searches for park ranger specialties — such as climbing ranger. 


Patreon Calls to Action

The podcasters wanted to leverage Patreon as a way to fund the show. 

Custom graphics on their Patreon page call out the various benefits of becoming a patron along with a video. Each level of patronage also includes an immediate call to action button so new listeners can sign up quickly and easily.

Podcasts with Park Rangers Patreon screenshot

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