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We outline the top 7 benefits of blogging for tourism companies.

A great way to increase your company’s visibility online is through blogging. However, you may be asking yourself: Is blogging really beneficial? Is it worth your time? Is anyone even going to read it?

A recent Think with Google study found ⅔ of those under 35 will research and book their entire travel experience online — compared with ⅓ of those over 35! With younger demographics looking to book entirely online, anything that can increase your web presence is beneficial.

So what does blogging do to increase visibility? Let’s dive right into the top 7 benefits of blogging for tourism companies so we can take a look at how a blog will help your business.

1 – Increased visibility in Google with SEO

Computer with notebook containing notes of the benefits of blogging.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s what Google looks at in order to rank your website in searches. 

Many factors go into how you rank on the web. One of them being fresh, new and relevant content. Google loves when a website publishes new articles on the regular. It shows that your website is active, and for a period of time it will rank that article higher in search results — which will lead to more clicks for you.

2 – Show your expertise

Maps and passport

Potential customers want to see you’re the expert in not just the type of tours you offer, but also your destination. 

Say you’re a kayaking company in Key West, Florida. You could create a post about the ocean life found on the tour along with photos from your expeditions. Another article would give potential customers tips on places to eat after their tour. 

The key is to get your customers excited for more than just the tour itself and educate them about your destination. When you show customers your depth of knowledge, they will think of you first when it comes time to book because you’ll be viewed as an expert.

3 – Answer those Frequently Asked Questions

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In a recent study, 52% of people booking online will abandon their experience if they can’t find answers quickly.  

People often turn to the internet to research before making a purchasing decision. One of the benefits of a blog is to give you a chance to answer FAQs before customers even hit the shopping cart. 

Customers can breeze through the booking experience with ease because they’ll be confident. Additionally, it’ll save you time because you won’t have to answer as many emails or phone calls answering simple questions.

4 – Give people a behind the scenes look

People around a campfire

People love to get a behind the scenes tour of your operation, it’s like getting a sneak peek into something they don’t get to see every day. The more they get to know your brand and your team, the more likely they will begin to relate to you — which leads to more bookings in the long run.

5 – Great content for Social Media

Benefits of Blogging: Cell phone with a photo from Instagram

Sometimes it’s a struggle to come up with social media content, especially if you’re posting daily! However, if you’re putting out articles once a week on your blog, you can promote it on all of your social media channels. 

The article will give variety to your social media channel, and it’s just another reason to get in front of the eyes of potential customers.

6 – Another benefit of blogging? Growing your network.

People riding bikes and holding hands

When you write blog posts about restaurant recommendations or other activities in your area, this gives you a chance to network with other businesses.

For instance, Steve’s Steakhouse enjoys the publicity a local cycling company gave him when they published their top 5 restaurants in the area article. In return, Steve endorsed the cycling tour via word of mouth, and eventually posts a link to them on his own website. 

It’s a great way to build community and relationships with those around you and to elevate the community together.

7 – Another opportunity for conversion

People Snorkeling

At the end of some of your articles, you might find endorsing one of your tours is the best next step.

For instance, a snorkeling company recently wrote a post about tips for making the most of their oceanic excursion. What better way to follow that up with a Call to Action where they mention their best selling snorkeling tour. 

Customers will already be imagining themselves on the beach, so what better way to capture that moment than to make it a reality on one of their expeditions.

With more and more people planning their entire trip online without a single phone call. Make their research easy by finding a variety of ways to get in front of the customer’s eyes and stay top of mind. 

Your blog can be a key component of your strategy to flourish in today’s tourism business! Even if you post only a couple of times a month, the long term benefits of blogging can prove advantageous.

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